Designs by Jennylyn Chung
Designs by Jennylyn Chung
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Quite simply, good singing is relaxed singing. Strained or pained singing strips the voice of its natural beauty. Learning my steps will help to remove strain while building a healthy, beautiful voice. My technique is rooted in operatic tradition, but works perfectly for all genres, including pop, jazz and musical theater.

Singers with a pretty voice have mastered a few key vocal techniques, all of which can be found in A Pretty Voice:
1. Natural Breathing & Support
2. Relaxed Facial Muscles
3. Vocal Cord Buzz/Raspiness
4. Vocal Resonance
5. A Smooth Head-Chest Blend

What's Inside:
5 simple, easy-to-read chapters which explain vocal technique
A written vocal exercise at the end of each chapter - for practice purposes
Corresponding YouTube video links, which further explain the concepts

Target Audience:
Beginners and intermediate singers who desire a natural, pretty, effortless sound. This book is for people who want key vocal techniques delivered in a direct and simple fashion. A Pretty Voice is for men and women of all ages, including teens.

Jennylyn has an undergrad degree in accounting and music, with a masters degree in voice. She has put 25 years of her own vocal coaching, education and professional performing experience - into this little book. A Pretty Voice offers immense value for singers of any age, style or genre.